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About me

My Recipe for Change dish:

sweet and savoury waffle creations inspired by the culinary flavours and techniques of Afrika, the Caribbean and abroad

Amina AbNa Alfred is a dynamic Multi-Disciplined Artist, founder, and Chef of Lady Hummingbird Culinary Arts.

Chef Amina's special interest in the science of cooking began when she was quite young.

Having an older sibling who was vegan, Chef Amina was exposed to very tasty and nutritious food that was 100% plant-based, way before ‘veganism’ became popular and trendy.

Lady Hummingbird Culinary Arts is Chef Amina's creative cooking platform where she fuses Afrikan, Caribbean, and global flavours together into exciting plant-based entrees, beverages, and desserts.

As someone who is committed to social justice, she has collaborated with many community organizations in various capacities, some of these groups are: The African Food Basket, Foodshare, Y-Arts, Graffiti Transformation Project (Dixon Hall), City of Toronto Parks & Recreation, The Children’s Peace Theatre, the A.M.Y Project, Art Starts, Da Urban Griots of T-dot, Weston Mount Dennis | Everybody’s Theatre, Aluna Theatre, ASAH Productions, D.I.V.A Program, Afrikan Arts March Break Camp, bcurrent, No Strings Theatre, Muhtadi International Drumming Festival, Leslieville Farmers Market and Black Vegans of Toronto.