Candice Stoute

About me

My Recipe for Change dishes:

  • BBQ meatballs marinated in pineapple sauce
  • Seafood Mac & Cheese bites

Chef Candice Stoute - CookingWithCandiceLuv brings Soul Purpose and Culture.

Chef Candice Stoute was born on the beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago. She migrated to Canada where she embrace the many diversities of culture and food in this amazing city of Toronto which she calls home. She always had a passion for cooking and baking since she was nine years old.

Chef Candice credits much of her culinary skills and her passion for preparing delicious international cuisine from her mother, who is an amazing talented Chef and taught her everything she knows. Candice believes in the love of food and the important purpose of food. She believes food justice is important in bringing communities together, breaking down barriers that prevents people from accessing nutritious, healthy, affordable food not just locally but globally.

Chef Candice is a big supporter of purchasing fruits, vegetables and meats from local farmers and butchers. Choosing fresh delicious local foods helps create jobs and also supports our economic growth in Ontario.