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About me

Kiran is a healing-foods, anti-inflammatory Ayurvedic chef and educator.  Through the vehicle of her meal delivery service, 1 to 1 mind/body/food coaching, cooking classes, workshops/seminars and newsletter, she teaches others how to overcome physical and mental illness through the vehicle of food.  With a background in Ayurvedic Food and Nutrition her approach to healing is uniquely a whole mind, body, spirit process that encompasses not only food, but also mindful awareness practices.

Through the wisdom of Ayurvedic healing, mindfulness and an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, Ki has been able to help, not only herself and her husband heal from multiple forms of chronic illness, but many others as well.
Ki is excited to help you Feed Your Joy, not your pain, by sharing with you how you can live a stress free, pain free life as she, her family and her clients now do.