Preena Chauhan - Arvinda's Spices

About me

My Recipe for Change dish: Pav Bhaji Crostini (sweet potato and mixed vegetable curry on a garlic crostini, garnished with garam masala and crunchy sev)

Namaste! I’m Preena, co-founder of Arvinda’s. I entered the world of Indian cooking in high school while helping my mother Arvinda teach Indian cooking classes. At the time, Indian cuisine was unknown to many, yet there was a fascination and curiosity to learn how different spices come together to create a 'to-die-for' curry--the essence of what makes Indian foods so special. Enamoured by the aromas, health benefits and flavours of spices myself, I wanted to learn about our diverse Indian cooking traditions from my mother and my interest in spices allowed me to journey to the spice growing regions in India through my Master in Environmental Studies Program at York University, immersing me in a storied history that started many centuries ago.

Since then, I’ve learnt the art of mixing, blending and tasting spices from not only India, but cooking traditions all over the world, working with spices day-to-day at Arvinda’s. Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of home cooks and chefs to cook delectable Indian foods through Arvinda's cooking classes and it was in these very same classes years ago that prompted my entrepreneurial spirit alongside my brother Paresh, to create Arvinda’s spices and share them with food lovers in Canada and beyond. My favourite spice is ... turmeric!