Victoria Alexander - Ti Kay La Catering

Food and nutrition management

About me

As a young child Victoria Alexander (Vickie) usually found herself in lots of trouble with her Mom for cooking. She would wait until her Mom left for her afternoon job and would then cook up a delight with whatever limited ingredients she could find (which was not much).

At that time she didn’t care about what there was for tomorrow and with Mom trying to bring up fourteen kids, something had to be done about ensuring that there was enough for tomorrow and an overzealous child’s cooking habits. So her Mom began hiding the gas tank head so Vickie could not continue her cooking fiesta.

This is where it all stemmed from, a Chef in the making. At the age of 21, Victoria left Castries, Saint Lucia for Toronto, Canada where she attended George Brown College and successfully attained Certificates in Hospitality Management and Haute Cuisine. She then returned home to Saint Lucia and began her passion of cooking her life away. She worked as a Chef at a local Hotel and also worked at a number of restaurants and catering houses.

She was still not satisfied with the way things were going and decided to return to George Brown College to study Food and Nutrition Management and become a Nutritionist.

Meanwhile she toiled with the idea of offering personal cooking for people that were too busy to cook after work. So she began visiting these homes offering her cooking skills to interested clients. She also did the sourcing and purchasing of grocery items for clients.

Subsequently, these ‘busy people’ were eating nutritious home- cooked meals after a hard day’s work and they were quite happy about the idea and the products!

“Leaving home for work with nothing cooked and upon your return - like magic - you find a fresh home- cooked meal awaiting you, all for the feasting. That was the real idea behind the birth of Meals By Magic Catering (MBM Catering) says Victoria Alexander, the company creator and chief magician. This service earned the tagline: ‘Y ou decide what you want and I do the rest!

Victoria focuses on the client’s specific needs and requests. She then develops a personalized menu for clients. Additionally, as a Nutritionist she advises her clients on healthier alternatives.

Although Victoria has worked as a Food and Nutrition Manager at a Seniors Home, she still felt the need to do more.

So along with MBM Catering she has started to bring innovative food products to the market with a range of pepper sauces, spices, marinades, rubs and other ‘Caribbean Home Style’ treats under the brand name ‘Ti Kay La’.