To give a gift is a tradition. It had started way back, even before the practice of celebrating the occasions that are given so much attention today. And along with the passing of time are the changes into that tradition that goes as far as using online cookie gifts to serve as presents.

As what the name implies, online cookie gifts utilize cookies as gifts. You can have it ready-made and all set to be given by purchasing them on offline and online cookie stores and bakeshops. You can also choose to just order the cookies and then arranged them yourself in a theme of your own choice. If you want, you can as well get everything done by yourself. You personally bake the cookies and personally design and arrange them too.

The fact that cookies can be arranged in so many ways gives you so much options and choices. You can use so many things to make them look beautiful and presentable in numerous ways. And that is one of online cookie gift’s strongest points over other things that can serve as presents.

Because of that versatility, cookie gifts can be given in almost any occasion. Even with just a simple gathering, it can work well as a token of appreciation or as something to show determination and personal connection. But what could those occasions specifically be? Here are the top four of them.


  • Birth – Birth is a celebration of life therefore it must be a joyful occasion. Show your appreciation to other’s birth through a gift of cookies. The fact that they can be eaten adds more meaning to your present.
  • Christmas – This is a universal occasion. Take part in spreading the spirit of Christmas by giving a gift made out of cookies. You can use angel-shaped, sock-shaped, Christmas-tree-shaped cookies in your present. As long as the entire gift is designed by things related to the occasion, it sure will work well as a parent.
  • Graduation – Getting a hand to a well-earned diploma is a momentous event. Make it well remembered with a gift that is unique yet suited to the occasion. You can arrange your gift of cookies in several ways like using the course to which they had graduated as basis of the design of your present.
  • Mother or Father’s Day – In matter of days, it will already be mother’s day. You can have online cookie gift to show your mother your gratefulness and appreciation. Of course, it can also be given on father’s day. Just make sure that you’ll choose a fatherly design and everything will be fine.


As there are so many occasions, there are so many gifts that must be given too. Giving a gift of cookies is one of the means of giving someone something unique to each of those occasions. The versatility of the designs that can be applied on your online cookie gifts makes them suited to whatever event it is intended.

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